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Film Twitter Celebrates Cannes by Dogpiling on Bad Film Festival Tweet

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bad film fest tweet

You can always tell when the Cannes Film Festival is underway thanks to breathless coverage from Film Twitter. The high-profile Cannes is one of the first film festivals to return to in-person screenings, as the pandemic has seen the majority of festivals move online. It’s an adjustment, but one that is long overdue.

While filmmakers and audiences want their work viewed on the big screen, a digital film fest expands accessibility for viewers all across the world. Most of us cannot afford to attend these lavish, celebrity-laden affairs, not to mention the accessibility issues for people who are disabled.

But not everyone agrees with expanding film festival accessibility. Alex Billington, the founder/owner of First Showing, tweeted (and then deleted) “I’m always jealous/annoyed by pre-festival screenings in other cities, because I believe a real film festival experience involves committing to the act of actually going to the fest – the process of getting there, organizing your schedule, attending screenings, and surviving.”

alex billington tweet

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Billington made headlines in 2013 when he called 911 to complain about cellphone usage during the Toronto International Film Festival. He also came under fire in 2010 when fellow film critics accused him of attempting to blackmail his way into a secret screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Not a great look, friend.

Billington later compared attending film festivals to climbing Mount Everest, tweeting, “You can look at photos/videos of Mt. Everest, or easily fly there, but the actual trek through the Himalayas on foot to see the mountain yourself and understand the effort it takes to travel this planet & get somewhere yourself, is much more invigorating & humbling.”

My dude, you’re going to Cannes, not questing for the Holy Grail. This follow-up inspired even more online mockery, as Film Twitter quickly flocked to call him out:

Even Elijah Wood chimed in:

Luckily, Billington realized the error of his ways and apologized. JUST KIDDING, he quadrupled down on his bad take while whining about Twitter being mean to him:

Despite Billington getting roasted by Twitter, there is an upside. He’s now in the running for Best Dramatic Actor! Fingers crossed Alex, this could be your year.

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