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Things We Saw Today: A Regal Cinema Screened Fifty Shades Freed Instead of Black Panther

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Apparently, someone didn’t get the memo at a Regal Cinema in Atlanta that now is the time for Black Panther, so you can put those copies of Fifty Shades Freed to the side. During a screening of Black Panther, an audience filled with loyal Wakandans was forced to see the first five minutes of Fifty Shades Freed. Now, considering the movie pretty much opens with a display of opulent white privilege, I find this to be a hilarious mix-up. The theater reportedly fixed its mistake after five quick minutes, and everyone in attendance still managed to walk out having seen Black Panther. But still, you come in for the Dora Milaje and instead get Ana Steele? Rude. (via Fox)


  • Olivia Wilde is going to make her directorial debut by teaming up with Annapurna Pictures and Gloria Sanchez for a film called Booksmart. It is always exciting to see women take on different roles in the industry, and we are looking forward to the upcoming trailer. (via Women and Hollywood)
  • EW gives us a first look at the Mr. Rogers Funko Pop. No, those aren’t tears in my eyes, I’m fine! 😭 😭(via EW)
  • Our favorite former vampire, Robert Pattinson, says that the #MeToo movement is  “pretty amazing.” Thanks for not letting us down, R-Patz. (via Variety)
  • This tweet by First Lady Michelle Obama is reminding us, yet again, how much we miss her:

Have you ever sat down to watch a cinematic masterpiece and been horribly trolled?

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