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Finally: The World Gets a Trailer for Mass Effect 3 Featuring a Female Commander Shepard

Good News Everyone!

One of the things Bioware promised when they announced that for the first time, the oncoming media blitz for a Mass Effect game would include a female version of the customizable main character as well as the default male. This also meant that they would produce a trailer for the game featuring a female version of the player character, for the vocal minority of their fans who loved taking a role written to be gender neutral (and animated to be masculine) and playing through it as a lady. And while the trailer was supposed to have gone up last summer, we’re happy to see it now.

Players of Mass Effect who enjoy a run through as the female version of the civilization-saving Commander Shepard might balk at first: it’s always strange to see a Shepard who doesn’t look like the Shepard you created, but if you give this long awaited trailer a few seconds chance, voice actress Jennifer Hale will start talking and then you’ll be unable to look away.

Maaaaaaaaaaan, I gotta finish Mass Effect 2.

(via The Borderhouse.)

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