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Feminist Frequency’s Jonathan McIntosh Shares How Men Can Help End Sexism

Wait, there are dudes over there? Yes. There are dudes over there.

When we think of Feminist Frequency, we think of Anita Sarkeesian, and while it’s true that, in the beginning, this was pretty much a one-woman operation, as FemFreq has grown, it’s become a team of people. Some of those people are even *gasp* DUDES!

In this awesome new video, which is one of the “bonus videos” done as part of the Tropes vs. Women in Video Games Kickstarter campaign, writer/director Jonathan McIntosh discusses not only the ways in which men can help end sexism, but also the ways in which patriarchy harms men (which is different than being exploited or oppressed by it). It also provides a really awesome reading list for any and all feminists who wanna get their learn on.

This one is worth a share, y’all, with people of all genders.

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