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Introducing the Feminist-Approved “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Video We’ve All Been Waiting For

Or you could just not sing it. That works, too.

Yup, it’s that time of year again—when everybody acts like they’re the first people in the world to notice that the once quaint Christmas song which was supposed to be about societal pressures on female sexuality in the ’40s is actually super creepy when viewed through a modern lens (Although, let’s be real, that “what’s in this drink” line probably doesn’t help no matter what the decade.) But now there’s a new version by Dara Laine and John Weselcouc. that you can helpfully point all your newly outraged friends towards. It’s basically perfect.

Okay, hilarious one-note jokes aside: if you, like me, recognize the problematic nature of the lyrics but still can’t get that dumb catchy song out of your head, the Idina Menzel/Michael Bublé cover has some pretty swell workarounds, like “Was that a wink?” instead of “what’s in this drink” and “thanks for the show” instead of “the answer is no,” for example. Still, probably better to just stick to Jingle Bells.

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