Blizzard Reveals Female Worgen Models: My, What Big Eyes You Have!

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Although Blizzard announced that the Worgen, a race of cursed lycanthropes, would be one of two new playable races in the upcoming World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion last august, we’ve only ever seen the werewolf models for male Worgen.  That is, until now.

The Escapist is the lucky blog that’s been graced with the scoop; four pictures of lady Worgen dressed in each of the four armor categories in the game (plate is pictured above).  All worgen will have two forms available to them: while out of combat they have the option of reverting to human.

Fangasm and more below.

Lets look at what we’ve got here.  We’ve got at least three different faces, judging by the eye color (which corresponds to facial expression in the WoW character creator), and a great wealth of different animation stills, from the /roar emote to /kneel and /sit.  Now we just need to see them in motion.

This does leave me wondering what the model’s customizable bits will be.  WoW’s player models traditionally have five customizable characteristics, face, skin color, hairstyle, hair color, and one miscellaneous (tattoo, facial hair, horns, tusks, etc. depending on race and gender).  It seems like face and skin color options are exhibited here, but hairstyle and hair color are absent.  Or perhaps those choices are not visible in Worgen form?  In the shapeshifting Druid class, fur color in animal form is linked to hair color in humanoid form.  Perhaps the Worgen customizing options are identical to those for humans, and a character’s look in Worgen form is connected directly to those choices?

You can click on all the pictures for the bigger version.

Wow, I can’t wait to start up my female Worgen druid.  As someone who likes to play female characters who actually look like they could kick my ass, these models fall right in my wheelhouse (currently occupied by female dwarves and tauren.  Don’t mess).  I also love shapeshifters, so I’m looking forward to a character that can turn into a human, werewolf, bear, two kinds of cat, two kinds of bird, an angry sea lion, and, optionally, an owlbear or a tree. Also, check out those wonderfully enormous back paws.

/sigh The only way it would be better is if they had tails.

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