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Man Releases Annual Report on His Every Activity in 2009

No, that’s not an Onion headline; that’s just Nicholas Felton. Since 2005, he has released a graphic-heavy annual report on every minute event of his life. This year’s report, which he just released yesterday, includes the number of movies he’s discussed (thirty), his month with the most “moments” (October), and the twelve types of cheese he’s consumed (aged NZ cheddar, brie, burrata, chavrie, cheddar, goat, gorgonzola, gruyere, mozzarella, paneer, ricotta, and Spanish).

It would all be a little scarily obsessive (and still is!) if it weren’t so visually striking.

Here are some of his stats and diagrams (blow up the pictures by clicking on them):

  • Places he’s gone, how many times he’s gone there, and his means of transportation:

  • The foods he’s eaten (including an impressive 65 types of vegetable):

  • And his every chance encounter with “friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances.”

Felton is selling copies of the 2009 report letterpressed on French Durotone paper. The print run is limited to 2000 copies, so: preorder while you can.

(h/t VizWorld)

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