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“Wait. The Rest of You Aren’t Dogs?”: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week

Well I'VE been a puppy this whole time.


This week in The Mary Sue-land: Wonder Woman, Maisie Williams saying what’s what about elitist Game of Thrones book readers, and a 1997 cybersex instructional video. That post isn’t represented in this week’s roundup of our favorite comments, but I just wanted to remind you that it’s a thing that happened.

“So…wait…you can organize a contest where the prize will be to go to the Everest where the winners will have the chance to play the game, which would take A LOT of time and money JUST to decide who will go in this trip…but the concept of animating a woman is far beyond your reach……”–Tell ’em, locuas.

“We can’t be having colours up in here, this is DC dammit, if Batman is monochrome then so is everyone else! Because EVERYONE is Batman! Every THING is Batman! You think you’re not Batman right now? Because let me tell you a secret…you might be.”—Socky07 reveals a disturbing truth in response to our first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

“This trend of celebs walking around in costume is going to result in harassment of cosplayers with similar builds. ‘Deadpool! Are you Tom Hiddleston!?! Don’t lie to me!!!'”—OH YEAHHH is onto you, Hiddleston.

“When you start getting into the debate about books vs TV/Movies, I always resort to two words to show book lovers that while, for the most part, the books represent a purer vision of what the writer wants to portray for the story and the characters, this does not alway mean that an alternative depiction of that vision doesn’t have equal validity and, in some case, may actually improve the story and/or characters.

That’s right, two words and the book snobs have lost their perceived exalted status.

Tom Bombadil”—Ray Burns responds to Maisie Williams’ well-deserved smackdown of “snobby” Game of Thrones book readers.


It’s a scene in Dorne with new!Myrcella. Midway through the scene, someone off screen yells “IMPOSTER!”

It’s Aimee!Myrcella. On her quest to collect the Stark girls, Brienne picked up Aimee and trucked her on over to Dorne, where Aimee enacts her vengeance in a trial by combat.

Aimee wins and, through a series of convoluted events, becomes Queen of Westeros.

(Note: I bear no actual ill will to the new!Myrcella)”—But Aimee!Myrcella spares new!Myrcella at the last minute, and then they join forces and go kill Gregor Clegane, right, Jon E. Christianson?

“Now eventually you do plan to have, uh, musical numbers in your, in your musical movie, right? Hello? Hello?” Well played, Philip Lopez. But worry not. Musical numbers, uh… find a way.

“I want to thank Jill and the rest of the TMS team involved in bringing us this update on a very important issue, to me personally, but surely facing all viewers today. A lot of people are usually left in the dark on these matters and without your efforts, we would still be without the light.

I really appreciated the candor in this interview. Travis’ kindness and gracious surprise comes through and I’m glad he took the time to provide that valuable distinction. A lamb wasn’t largely considered by fans (to my knowledge, it’s been solely goat-talk) and this certainly leaves us with a lot to consider and contemplate. Looking forward to the next season, until then, stay safe everyone.”—The important issue to which Adrian is referring? The timeless, pure love between Vikings‘ Ragnar Lothbrok and baby goats, which Jill asked actor Ragnar actor Travis Fimmel about at SDCC.

In response to this comic reminding us that everyone on the internet is an actual person, wo asks “Wait. The rest of you aren’t dogs?” The user icon really makes it.

And finally, in response to that same post:

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 12.25.59 PM

I love everyone in this thread!

(top pic by gorefiendus)

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