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And Now, My Favorite Celebrity Dogs for National Dog Day

Chris Evans and Dodger

Dogs delight me to no end. I am something of a dog whisperer. One time, a dog walker couldn’t get a dog down the stairs in my apartment building, and I gladly sat on the steps and got the bulldog down the three stairs and was asked of my ways. If a dog sees me on the street, they come to me for pets because they know I love them and will give them my attention. They just know.

So, of course, I have favorite celebrity dogs. That’s just part of who I am. So, on this beautiful day celebrating the best beings on this planet, let’s talk about my favorite celebrity puppers.

Wednesday Pine

Rescued by the best Chris, Wednesday Pine is a pitbull that Chris Pine loves to walk with his fun t-shirts and flip flops. A beautiful girl, Wednesday just clearly loves a good walk and loves to be picked up, and I just want the world for her.

Petunia Mulaney

While owner John Mulaney may call her a gremlin from time to time, Petunia Mulaney rides around in a stroller and lives the best life. And also … just imagine your doggy dad being John Mulaney, because that has to be an absolute adventure.

Bo Obama

Remember when the White House had a president who loved animals? I do, and I miss Bo Obama! The first dog of the Obamas, Bo would run around the White House with Barack Obama with his white paws, and I just hope he has a great day.

Bailey Warren

A dog who just wants a burrito and was a good boy during Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign, Bailey Warren became a star, and I’m sure he had plenty of plans for running around the White House. If Warren ends up in Biden’s cabinet, I hope that Bailey just gets his time to enjoy Washington D.C. in a new and exciting way!

Tessa Holland

Honestly, maybe my favorite pup on this list, Tessa Holland is a star in her own right. No, really. Tom Holland often gets overshadowed by his dog, and like, I get it. Tessa rolled up to the premiere of Dolittle and showed that she always knew where the camera and her lighting was.

And, of course, Dodger Evans.

Chris Evans maybe loves Dodger Evans more than most of us love human members of our family, and look, he’s not wrong in his love. Dodger is perfect and, right now, is recovering from surgery, but like the champ he is, pulled through and is maybe a perfect representation of people acting like their dogs. Chris Evans and Dodger are literally soulmates, and that’s a hill I’m willing to die on.


Celebrity dogs, regular dogs, dogs that aren’t yet born, and any pupper out there deserves our love and attention, and they’re what makes this world so much better. I love you, dogs. Have a great National Dog Day!

(image: Screengrabbed from Chris Evans’ Twitter)

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