“Sexy Nerd Girl” Raps About Whedon, Expresses Desire for Her Very Own Fangasm


Joss Whedon, being King of the Fanpeople, inspires many a passionate opinion. Now, a female fan who on Youtube goes by “Sexy Nerd Girl,” has composed a rap about the wonders and joys of Joss Whedon and his creations to put said passion to work. She very quickly starts singing about her desire to get down and dirty with The Whedon to reinvent the meaning of “fangasm,” which makes things a bit uncomfortable for a minute. But c’mon, let’s be real. You know you’ve thought about it, too. And in the end she decides not to sleep with him, not because he’s married with kids, but because she wouldn’t want to risk their encounter backfiring and affecting the brilliance of his work.

She covers most of the prerequisite basis for entry into the Whedonverse–Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Toy Story, and even that song he wrote for The Lion King. If only she’d mentioned his work on Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

(Youtube via Whedonesque)

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