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This Fan-Made Poster for The Punisher Is So Good, Everyone Thinks It’s Official

Netflix, take notes.



I was one of the many “fooled” when I saw artist Giuseppe Spinelli’s excellent The Punisher poster. The artist’s style is so on-point with both The Punisher and Netflix ad aesthetic that I was positive this was a teaser for the upcoming Marvel series. But if it wasn’t real before, it should be now.

Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher—the complex vigilante character that’s long been a comics fan fave—was arguably the best part of Daredevil season 2. OK, I’m willing to start fights and declare that Bernthal’s Punisher was far and away absolutely the best part of Daredevil season 2 and I lost interest whenever he wasn’t on-screen. I know I’m not alone in my thinking—Bernthal’s performance was so good he got his own solo show greenlit from Netflix, which can’t come out soon enough.

Italian digital artist Giuseppe Spinelli was also excited about Punisher and decided to make a promotional poster that’s very much in the style of Netflix and Marvel. Spinelli’s simple yet incredibly effective Punisher skull comprised of bloodied bullets is eye-catching—and it felt so authentic that when I saw it go by on Tumblr my first thought was Wow, good job, Netflix. The comments on Spinelli’s Twitter are full of people who assumed that the poster was official.

In fact, even The Punisher‘s cast seems unclear on the matter. The actors have been posting the poster and retweeting each other. Maybe they’re confused as well, or maybe they just really like Spinelli’s work, too.

As for Spinelli, he seems to be taking the whole thing in stride.

Hey, Netflix, maybe you should give this guy a call? The poster is pretty much perfect. And the fans have spoken: if you won’t give us official Punisher promos, by God, we will make our own and make them even better.

(via Twitter, images: Netflix)

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