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Fan-Made Spider-Man Web-Shooters? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Spider-Man looking shocked

I wasn’t around in the times of my older brother and his superhero-loving youth, but I have heard the tales. For my mother, having two children who loved superheroes was probably hard on her heart, and I know, for a fact, that she was terrified my brother was going to jump out a window thinking he was Superman. So, now that someone has developed their own web-shooters? I’m sorry for all the frantic parents who have Spider-Man-loving children.

Web-shooters, Spider-Man’s iconic gadget responsible for his unique mod of transportation, were his own creation. Now, a fan has done some engineering of his own and is showing us just how powerful his own web-shooters are in a fun video that is both delightful and terrifying all at the same time.

Sure, these aren’t exact recreations of their fictional counterparts, using magnets and string to pull off the effect, but if we can figure out how to make the type of reinforced web-fluid that Peter Parker uses, I truly don’t see how someone can’t use these to fly through New York City on the regular. (I guess pigeons would cause a problem, but whatever. If Peter Parker can do it fictionally, we can all do it in real life.)

Put this guy on speed dial for if we ever need to defend the world against an evil string quartet. from r/productgif

Strong enough to attach to a music stand and pull it down, the shooters are clearly the same design that many of the incarnations of Peter Parker have used in the live-action movies (with the exception of Tobey Maguire’s Peter). Easy for the iconic “thwip” that many fans associate with the character, they’re honestly pretty cool and fit right in with our cultural love of the spider bite-enhanced hero.

For the last month, we’ve been talking about the future of Peter Parker with regards to his live-action movies when Sony and Disney got divorced and then remarried each other within a month, and honestly, it’s clear that fans will go to any length to try to bring the web-slinging hero to life. Please keep all radioactive spiders under lock and key. But then again, a part of me wants these to be mass-produced so I can pretend to be Spider-Man in my free time, and maybe I’m part of the problem. Whatever, this is extremely cool and kudos to the fan who figured it out. Next up, a fully-functioning Iron Man suit! (I know there are prototypes, but you get what I mean.)

(via, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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