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Family Guy Tackles Trololo [Video]

Last night saw the return of Sunday cartoons, and though The Simpsons tackled Internety things — including an auto-tune of a sad news segment — Family Guy tackled the Internet in a video worthy way: Edward Hill, everyone’s favorite Trololo singer. One of the main styles of gag used in Family Guy is calling up a random reference and shoehorning it into the plot. In last night’s episode, Peter wins the lottery, and proceeds to spend his money haphazardly. While sitting at the Drunken Clam, the show’s recurring bar, Peter calls for the Russian waiter he likes to bring him drinks, and the above scene ensues.

With last week’s return of The Office covering planking, it seems television is picking up on Internet trends more nowadays, even though the production cycle of television makes the references seem outdated compared to when they first appeared on the Internet. But hey, if television is looking for fresh content and popular trends to reference, what better place than the Internet?

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