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Internet Loses It over Death of an Iconic Family Guy Character

Yup. Just a bunch of grown adults yelling at each other over a cartoon. Probably some kids, too.

We’re about to talk about an integral Family Guy character being killed off, so if you don’t want to know who that is, you should turn back now.


Relax. Stewie's fine.

Relax. Stewie’s fine.

Twitter has exploded over the death of Brian (in an episode aptly titled “Life of Brian”), because that’s probably the most important thing going on right now, right?

Yes, the lovable, speaking canine from Family Guy has been killed off for the foreseeable future, since Stewie’s time machine was dismantled earlier in the episode, and he currently lacks the ability to repair it. It’s no surprise that fans have had a strong reaction to these events.

After all, it was fan support that got the show back on TV after multiple cancellations so many years ago. Family Guy fans are intense.

Still, this reaction may be a little premature. A cartoon in which a baby builds a time machine and discusses his evil plots with the family dog would hardly surprise anyone by bringing a character back from the dead, so it might be best if fans would just sit back and watch what happens on the show over the coming weeks.

May we remind you that Brian is voiced by series creator Seth Macfarlane, so it would be incredibly easy to bring him back at any time without spoiling the surprise? It’s certainly possible that Brian won’t come back, which would indeed make us deeply sad, but demanding his return after only a few hours is taking it a little far. At least this will definitely shake things up on the show, which is what the writers were going for.

As ever, the Internet handled things in a calm, reasonable manner. Here is a sampling of what’s happening on Twitter with #BringBackBrian:




“Change? Kill it with fire!” Many of the tweets are from fans who say they won’t be watching anymore.

Some are trying to be the voice of reason. Good luck with that on the Internet.

Happily, at least some fans are using it to voice their support for an eventual return as opposed to yelling and threatening not to watch.

And then some of them are just making us laugh.

(via #BringBackBrian on Twitter, image via FOX)

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