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Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes Have Their Hands Full in the Trailer for Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Sam and Bucky handshake

Can I just say holy hell? I really want to just hit publish right now because the trailer for Falcon and the Winter Soldier is EXACTLY what I wanted it to be and more!

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The series, which follows Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes after Steve Rogers gave the title of Captain America to Sam, is set in an exciting part of the comic world. First, let’s take a look at the trailer.

“The legacy of that shield is complicated,” Sam says and it bleeds into my already outstanding theory that the U.S. government isn’t ready for Sam Wilson to take on the shield. In the comics, Sam takes over from Steve Rogers but the government tries to take it from him, giving it to John Walker and the more I hear about Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the more I’m convinced that that is exactly what’s happening here.

The trailer gave us some incredible looks at the series, mainly Bucky’s new short-haired look and Sam’s new Falcon suit, but it also showed us how these two are going to work together. From what we’ve seen in the MCU as a whole, Sam and Bucky love to pick at each other, itching for a fight.

This trailer feels very much in that same banter and is still showing that these two men are here for each other even when Steve Rogers isn’t. “What’s our plan?” Bucky asks and Sam just smirks at him, moving to jump out of a plane in his Falcon fear and Bucky yells “So no plan?” and sits down and honestly, if this show was anything other than this, I would think it was out of character.

Both Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes deserve their time. They have been loyal friends to Steve but now that Steve is off living his life with Peggy Carter, both of them should have their time to find out who they are outside of their friendship with him. Falcon and the Winter Soldier seems incredibly comic heavy and it’s going to be a treat for both fans of that world as well as the MCU versions of these heroes.

Sam Wilson is MY Captain America now and while I know the show is going to test that, I hope that we get to eventually see him with the shield and in his rightful place as our current Captain America with Bucky Barnes at his side. Until we know for sure what the show has in store for us, at least we have this trailer of Falcon and the Winter Soldier to talk about for the next few weeks.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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