Facebook is Down, Users Unable to Post, Like, or Comment [Updating: It’s Working, For Now]

How long before the looting starts?
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After noticing we were having trouble updating our Facebook page this morning, we realized it’s not just us. It seems there are widespread reports of users being unable to update, comment, or like statuses on the social networking site. Maybe we’ll actually start using Google+?

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A quick search on Downwhere.com shows that Facebook’s status in the U.S. is listed as “Severe”. The U.K. is also listed as “Severe” but other countries seem to be up and running, with Australia and Italy falling under “Moderate”.

Facebook seems to be loading for us with no problem, but we are unable to post, comment, or like anything. We will be updating this story as new information develops.

[Update – 9:42AM EDT] Somewhat comically, the last post on the Facebook Newsroom blog is titled “Focusing on Efficiency.” We’ll keep checking for any official word from Zuckerberg.

[Update – 12:23PM EDT] Looks like everything’s back in working order. Downwhere.com lists the current status as “Severe” still in the U.S. but it seems like posts and things are going through. Still no update from Zuckerberg.

(via Downwhere.com, image via screen grab)

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