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Face Swapping in Real Time is Awesome [Video]

If you ever wanted to star in your own movie about getting your face ripped off and swapped with a former disco star, you can now at least see the face-swapping results before you sign that multimillion dollar contract. Vimeo user Arturo Castro used a bit of magic and Jason Saragih’s FaceTracker, and now you can now see how your body would look with Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson’s — among various other’s — face, in real time, which means you can move around and blink your eyes or open your mouth and your new Paris Hilton face will do the same. Using the face tracking library, the image will be placed on top of your face and match the contours of your eyes, nose, mouth, and various other facial features.

Someone needs to place this tech into a tiny projector that sits within shirt collars so I can put on my Brad Pitt face before a date.

(Arturo Castro via reddit)

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