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The Mary Sue Exclusive: BOOM! Studios Announce Kate Leth & Matt Cummings’ Magical Girl/Superhero Series Power Up!

Why yes, that IS a magical goldfish!

PowerUpCharDesignsBBoom! Studios have given The Mary Sue the exclusive (and exciting!) public reveal of something very special they debuted at ComicsPro today in Portland – Kate Leth and Matt Cummings’ Power Up.

They also showed the audience the fantastical character designs above (click here to view a bit larger), which we also bring to you exclusively. But we know you want to know what Power Up is all about, so we’ll let Leth take it away:

Power Up is the story of three people and one goldfish who find themselves unexpectedly bestowed in a blinding flash with incredible, superheroic powers. Having no guidance, no mysterious watcher or ancient text to tell them what it all means or how to use their new abilities, the unlikely team is drawn together and forced to figure it out in a hurry as mysterious forces begin to attack.

Our series deals with the notion of Chosen Ones being chosen… wrong. It’s a magical team story, an exploration of what happens when a group of people (and a goldfish) have given up on themselves, but are called to something higher. How do superpowers affect day-to-day life? How do you make a costume when you can’t sew? What do you tell your boss when you have to leave work early to fight aliens?

It’s a fun, weird, all-ages comic full of action, adventure, sparkles and a whole bunch of feelings. It’s a bit like if the powers of a magical girl group went to a bunch of unwitting strangers. And a goldfish.


No Watcher! Whatever will they do!?! Also, “How do you make a costume when you can’t sew?” I’m guessing duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape.

Power Up is set for a July release from Boom! Studios. What do you think?

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