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Exactly No One Is Surprised Alec Baldwin Was Arrested for Punching Someone Over a Parking Space

In an unsurprising turn of events, Alec Baldwin got mad.

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live

It isn’t news that Alec Baldwin has an anger problem. The Daily Beast is reporting that Baldwin punched someone in the West Village over a parking spot, which … okay, yeah, that sounds exactly like Alec Baldwin. In case you’ve forgotten, Baldwin’s anger has long been a source of news regarding the mediocre Trump impressionist.

He left a disgusting voicemail on his daughter Ireland’s phone when she was only 11 years old because she missed a phone call from him. So sure, checks out that Baldwin would punch someone over parking.

Of course, the internet has some thoughts on Baldwin’s offense, given the high profile of his recent bad opinions and Saturday Night Live Trump impression.

But maybe we need this important information about Alec Baldwin’s bagel moment to give us context to what happened:

It’s becoming the new tourist attraction of New York City. Go see a show, walk the Highline, get punched in the face by the man imitating Trump on Saturday Night Live

A concern that many have isn’t the punching but, more so, that a) Alec Baldwin tried to drive in New York City, and b) he drove the car himself.

Look, it isn’t exactly surprising that Alec Baldwin punched somebody.

The New Yorkers’ responses to the punching were exactly as you’d expect.

Maybe we should just cast Bobby Cannavale as the new Donald Trump.

At the end of the day, we’ll always have Alec Baldwin and his anger problem that he doesn’t seem to take any actions towards fixing.

Hopefully Saturday Night Live has a failsafe plan for when their Trump acts like … well, Alec Baldwin. Maybe they’ll let an actual cast member play the part instead of relying heavily on random celebrity guests!

(image: Will Heath/NBC)

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