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Everything We Know About the Black Widow Movie

scarlett johansson as black widow in marvel's the avengers

Black Widow is coming—about five years late, but she’s coming—and with all the news from Disney’s D23 Expo, we know more about her movie than ever before. Releasing her poster and her new white suit, it seems as if things are looking up for the movie, and I’m personally excited that Natasha Romanoff is drawn to look like an actual woman and not the impossibly tiny-waisted symbol for an idea of feminity that we often get on illustrated (or even Photoshopped) posters.

As we can see in the poster, David Harbour is not Taskmaster, but rather the Red Guardian, meaning that we’re probably going to have O. T. Fagbenle in the role. We also get a first real look at Florence Pugh’s Yelena, and even Rachel Weisz is seen. What we don’t know is who those other women on the poster are. Are they other Black Widows that we’re going to meet in the movie? Are they with Taskmaster?

It’s going to be interesting to see where the movie fits into Widow’s storyline, as well, because, as far as we know, the movie takes place in the years between Civil War and Infinity War, when Natasha is on the run with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson.

That’s not all we got from the movie, though. We also got a look at Natasha in her new white suit!

What’s great about the poster and this art is that she doesn’t look like she’s posing to be the most beautiful woman in the room. Instead, she looks powerful, strong, and still like she could destroy anyone in her path.

And, as one user points out, it’s also great to see Natasha Romanoff with somewhat normal body proportions on her own poster.

Going back to the days of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Nat has often been shown with a smaller waist, or she’s been tilted so she just looks extremely small overall, which is odd since Natasha Romanoff is an extremely strong spy who took down the Winter Soldier with her thighs.

So now, to see her on her own poster with proportions that are more accurate to Scarlett Johannson and not, as this user puts it, a “sex fantasy” truly excites me about this movie. While there’s controversy because it’s ScarJo, there’s a slight excitement for me because, since Iron Man 2, I’ve been waiting for Nat to have her moment when she’s not just part of the boys’ team.

My hope is that the movie is going to instate Yelena as the next Black Widow, but we’ll have to see how the Marvel Cinematic Universe is setting up the Avengers now that there is a new Captain America in town and Iron Man is dead (with Spidey just like, “Bye, guys”).

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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