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We’ve Been Living a Lie: J.K. Rowling Reminds Everyone That We Pronounce Voldemort Wrong



After taking four years of French in high school, Voldermort always seemed like it should have a silent “T” to me, but I—like most everyone else, it seems—assumed that the Harry Potter movies would have gotten it right with J.K. Rowling’s input. Not so, apparently: Rowling herself pronounces it the French/correct way. (“Mort” is French for death if you weren’t aware.)

The author confirmed as much in a tweet yesterday, though her biggest fans may have known for years, since she mentioned it in an old interview (though the interview is from 1999, so not even the movies noticed, apparently):

What!? So the movies misled us all? You’d think this would’ve come up in production, honestly. It’s always wise to involve Rowling in any production, really.


So … we’ve been living a lie? Queue all the angry think pieces that J.K. Rowling should stop adding to the Harry Potter story—you know, HER STORY that she has every right to keep connected with however she sees fit—after-the-fact! (And all the ridiculous comparisons to George Lucas—go ahead and Google that one, hoo boy—because once one blogger says it, it’s Internet fact. That’s just how that works.)

So wait. “Voldemore.” That sounds .. awfully similar to Dumbledore.


Mind. Blown.

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