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All the A24 Movies We Can’t Wait To See in 2023

Joaquin Phoenix walks through an artificial landscape in 'Beau Is Afraid'

We’ve already gotten some great films from A24 this year, most notably Close and When You’re Finished Saving the World (both released in January). However, the beloved film distributor is showing no signs of slowing down, and if anything, this is shaping up to be a pretty spectacular year!

We’ve compiled a list of the films we’re most excited about, which is subject to expand as more projects are announced. Stay tuned as the year goes on!

Showing Up (April 7)

Showing Up is a sympathetic look into the life of an artist who struggles to create on top of managing her relationships with the people around her. Starring Michelle Williams and Hong Chau, and directed by Kelly Reichardt (First Cow), the trailer indicates that this will be one of those stories that’s heavily character-focused, where not much happens by way of plot. Which is good! We like those stories.

Beau Is Afraid (April 21)

According to filmmaker Ari Aster, his new film is “like a Jewish Lord of the Rings, but he’s just … going to his mom’s house.”

Everyone’s been eagerly anticipating Beau Is Afraid, if only because it seems like an absolute trip—even by the standards of its director, Ari Aster (Midsommar, Hereditary). The premise is simple enough: A socially anxious man (Joaquin Phoenix) has a delirious go of it trying to get to his mother’s house. But knowing Aster, it’s going to be much more disorienting all the way through.

Beef (now streaming on Netflix)

I’m excited to see Ali Wong and Steven Yeun come together in something that isn’t strictly a comedy! Beef is a story of road rage, class divides, and what happens when two unhinged people just cannot let go. No, this isn’t exactly a film, but this is the first partnership between Netflix and A24, so I figured it warranted a mention all the same.

You Hurt My Feelings (May 26)

This one definitely seems like it’ll be a showstopper. Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and directed by the talented Nicole Holofcener, You Hurt My Feelings is an acerbic comedy about growing older and losing your patience for the people and scenarios surrounding you. Louis-Dreyfus will play an author who can’t let go of a comment her husband made about her latest novel, and the film explores the subsequent fallout.

Past Lives (June 2)

As we’ve written about previously, Past Lives looks like it’ll be a stunner—an emotionally gutting stunner, sure, but a stunner nonetheless. The film will follow a Korean-American woman, played by our dear Greta Lee, who is serendipitously reconnected with someone from her childhood (Teo Yoo). As they explore their connection as adults, they’re confronted with big questions: What do you do with lost love? What place does it have in your current life?

Talk To Me (July 28)

I’m admittedly tepid about this one, considering it’s being produced by YouTubers (who don’t always have the greatest filmmaking track records, although the Philippou brothers do have a filmmaking background), but thus far this spooky horror film has been gaining good press. Talk To Me centers around the consequences of a séance gone wrong, and Bloody Disgusting’s reviewer said that it left them “breathless.” Considering this film was produced by the same company that gave us The Babadook, I’ll definitely hold them to that!

Stop Making Sense (TBA 2023)

Y’all already know we’re all about David Byrne and his big-ass suit. This re-release of Stop Making Sense will be a remaster, not a new film, but we’re excited for it all the same. A24 hasn’t announced an exact date for the theatrical re-release just yet, but we might have a clue: Rhino is releasing a new, deluxe version of the album on August 18.

All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt (TBA 2023)

A Black woman cradles a child while standing in front of a house surrounded by lush greenery in 'All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt'

Not much is known about this film yet. All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt will follow the life of one woman in Mississippi, and explore how much human beings in general are shaped by the places and people they grow old around. It will apparently have very little dialogue, which I always find intriguing in films. Moonlight director Barry Jenkins produced All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt, which was written and directed by Raven Jackson.

Earth Mama (TBA 2023)

In 'Earth Mama,' a woman (Tia Nomore) reclines on the hood of a white car at sunset. She has a tired expression on her face.

After it received rave reviews at Sundance, and because it takes place in the Bay Area, I’m truly intrigued by Earth Mama. This film follows a young single mother who’s fighting hard to maintain custody over her children, including her unborn child, all while trying to survive and make ends meet. This will be director Savanah Leaf’s first feature film, and lead actor Tia Nomore’s film debut.

Problemista (TBA 2023)

Julio Torres and Tilda Swinton in 'Problemista'

Spearheaded by (and starring) comedian Julio Torres, Problemista follows a Salvadorian toymaker’s attempts to “make it” in NYC. Desperate for some kind of stable ground, he starts working for an eccentric artist, played by Tilda Swinton—yes, that’s Tilda up there. Antics will ensue. Both Greta Lee and the RZA will be in this. Truly there’s not much to go on yet, but it sounds so delightfully chaotic already.

The Iron Claw (TBA 2023)

Zac Efron as professional wrestler Kevin Von Erich in 'The Iron Claw'

The Iron Claw comes from director Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene) and is based on the life of professional wrestler Kevin Von Erich, played by Zac Efron (yes, that Zac Efron). The film will center around Von Erich and his famous family as they attempt to navigate the “Von Erich curse” after years and years of wrestling prowess.


I wanted to end on a silly note, even though we don’t know much about Y2K yet. The film will be directed by SNL (and GoodNeighbor) alum Kyle Mooney, and is apparently a “disaster comedy” following a couple of teenagers who sneak into a Y2K party. When the clock strikes midnight and the 1900s are finally left behind, things get wild. It honestly sounds ridiculous, but it’s Kyle Mooney, and one of the leads is Hunt for the Wilderpeople’s Julian Dennison, so you can bet we’ll be watching it.

(featured image: A24)

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