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One of A24’s Most Exciting Upcoming Releases Is Actually Nearly 40 Years Old

David Byrne busting it down sexual style in his infamous suit, for the tour doc Stop Making Sense.

While the staff here at The Mary Sue tend to be fairly unified politically and aesthetically, we don’t always share the same tastes in things. Some of us are more into superheroes and video games, others are more into indie films and music. (Most, of course, have interests that veer into all those categories and more.)

HOWEVER, one thing I recently discovered we all unequivocally agree on is a shared love for David Byrne and the Talking Heads. When this little trailer dropped this morning, so too did every one of our jaws:

LOOK at HIM. In his suit!! The suit!! What a delightful way to announce this remaster!

In case you’ve been wondering what the hell A24’s Stop Making Sense is, it’s not a new movie: It’s a remaster of the Talking Heads’ 1984 tour film of the same name, now being distributed through A24. In other words—the Talking Heads, coming soon to a theater near you!

The film will be restored in 4k definition, but will otherwise be the same delightful three-night event shot at the Hollywood Pantages Theater. Although the band themselves will not be getting back together (at least not anytime soon), they did have this to say about the rerelease: “There was a band. There was a concert. This must be the movie!”

Byrne himself has certainly been riding a high lately, not just with this thrilling news, but also with the accolades he’s gotten for the song he wrote for Everything Everywhere All At Once (also from A24). “This Is a Life,” written with Son Lux and Mitski, earned him his second Oscar, as well as a performance that knocked our socks off:

The release date has yet to be announced, but rest assured, our asses will be in theaters when it’s time. We hope to see you there, too!

(Featured Image: A24)

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