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Let’s Talk About These ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Post-Credits Scenes

The new Marvel Cinematic Universe show to hit Disney+ is She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. The series is our introduction to Jennifer Walters, the cousin of Bruce Banner who, through an accident, gets his blood in her system, and thus, “She-Hulk” is born. (She hates that her name is She-Hulk and sadly has to accept that it is what the public will call her, despite Jennifer wanting it to be literally anything else.)

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What makes She-Hulk: Attorney at Law so fun, outside of it being a comedy and having the fourth wall broken by Jennifer, is that, because she’s so aware of this being a television show and her knowing what’s going on with the audience of the show, we get to see the MCU make fun of itself a little bit by having mid-credits scenes at the end of each episode because, come on, we know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe loves to throw in a mid-credits scene and sometimes even a post-credits scene that you have to sit and wait for until all the credits have rolled. (Never forget when Captain America shamed us for being impatient in Spider-Man: Homecoming.)

The show has adopted this idea by having a button at the end of each episode, which is different from the Marvel shows on Disney+ before it. There have been some episodes that had an end-credits scene and some shows had more than one, but for the most part, they didn’t do the common Marvel trend of multiple scenes. But the She-Hulk way is bringing in more laughs while also poking a bit of fun, and it’s truly hilarious to watch.

So each week, we’re going to break down the latest mid-credits scene (and end-credits scene, if the episode has one) and talk about what they mean in the context of the show, as well as if they have a bigger connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

She-Hulk season 1 episode 1 mid-credits scene explained: Jen and Bruce have a heart-to-heart

Tatiana Maslany's She-Hulk in Marvel's She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Disney+ series. (Marvel Entertainment)

In the beginning of the episode, when we see how Jen became She-Hulk, she’s driving in the car and talking to Bruce about whether or not Steve Rogers is a virgin. And throughout the episode, we see Jen and Bruce drinking together at his bar in Mexico, but we don’t get to see what drunk Jen is like with her cousin. We just see her drinking and see a hungover regular Jen in the morning.

What we missed in that in-between, though, is that Jen got the answer she’d been searching for. The mid-credits scene shows Jen crying over her drink (presumably drunk) because she’s upset that a hottie like Captain America died a virgin. She, of course, talks about his ass because it does belong to the people of America, according to Scott Lang, and Bruce is just staring off into the distance.

When it finally seems like she’s so upset by this idea that she can’t stop crying, Bruce tells her that Steve Rogers lost his virginity on the USO back in the ’40s and Jen quickly turns from crying drunk to being sober and screams “Captain America f**ks!” as Bruce is trying to figure out what is happening.

Is this game-changing for the MCU as a whole? Yes, now we know more about Steve Rogers, but it’s funny and a cute button to the earlier joke and a fun way to end the pilot episode.

She-Hulk season 1 episode 2 mid-credits scene explained: Jen helps her dad

tatiana maslany as jennifer walters with her father in she-hulk

One of the things about She-Hulk: Attorney at Law that I love is that it is, at its core, a show about a family, as well. We have Jen with her cousin in the first episode, and now, in episode 2, we get to see more of her family as she goes to her mom and dad’s house for dinner. The only one who can see that she’s clearly not ok is her father Morris (Mark Linn-Baker), so in the episode, he takes her away from the dinner table—where her aunt and uncle are praising her cousin over her and criticizing her—to the garage to just check in on her.

It’s a sweet moment and one that builds on Jen’s relationship with her parents, but it also ties into the end of the episode, when the mid-credits scene is just Jen going around and doing chores for her dad, like fixing the television set and carrying up five of those water jugs that no one is good at putting on the dispenser.

It’s simple yet hilariously relatable because so many of us go to visit our parents and are put to work, so just imagine what that would be like if you were also a Hulk on top of it.

She-Hulk season 1 episode 3 mid-credits scene explained: Jen and Megan dance

Megan Thee Stallion and Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk

If you really want to impersonate Megan Thee Stallion, you’d better be ready for her to show up at your court case and laugh at you. Megan Thee Stallion showed up in the actual episode, but what we saw in the mid-credits scene was that she became one of Jennifer’s new clients! The scene starts with Jen walking into her office and saying that there’s her new favorite client, and it’s Megan Thee Stallion! Jen has her signing papers, and the two are leaning over Jen’s desk together.

But when it gets exciting is when Holliway comes to Jen’s office (seemingly to ask her something) and sees the two dancing around. And now, if you ask me, this is a dream come true. Dancing around your office with Megan Thee Stallion? That’s something we’ve all dreamt of (or we should all dream of) and Jen’s getting to live out those dreams.

When they’re done dancing, Jen yells that she would die for Megan Thee Stallion, and she responds by telling Jen to dial it back, and that’s, again, a dream come true. Tell me to calm down, Megan Thee Stallion. Please. I’m begging.

She-Hulk season 1 episode 4 mid-credits scene explained: Madisynn gets the deets on Wong

Madisynn in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

Oh the joy that is Madisynn. Played by Patty Guggenheim, Madisynn becomes the victim of a magic trick gone wrong when Donny Blaze sends her into a different dimension and she has to fight off demons and sell her blood to make it back to Wong. Exhausted by the idea of fighting back at that point that she sees Wong watching The Sopranos and joins in with him. But it sets In stone their relationship and while Wong seems pretty annoyed by Madisynn throughout the actual episode, by the mid-credit scene, he loves his new bestie.

Madisynn and Wong are hanging out on his couch and she’s asking him about all the drinks he’s tried and which he loves best and they seem to genuinely be having fun hanging out together. Which is exciting for those of us who love Wong. He always has to put up with Stephen Strange and his nonsense and so getting to see Wong just hanging out with someone new, watching television, and having fun is sweet.

Also Madisynn, please get Wong bottomless Gin and Tonics. He deserves them.

She-Hulk season 1 episode 5 mid-credits scene explained: WHERE IS IT?

Matt Murdock's helmet in She-Hulk

So uhhh, there wasn’t one?! And I’m sure Jen will have some snarky thing to say about me expecting it and not getting it and how superhero properties have to keep me on my toes, but the reality is that the episode left us on a button and then did not deliver me the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, and now I have to wait a week?!?! The episode ends with Jen trying on her new suits from her designer, Luke, and as she’s in the fitting room, he moves an open box and mutters about confidentiality.

In the box is the yellow helmet Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil, has been sporting in the promos for the series, and now we’re left with no mid-credit scene and a week ahead of us without Matt. Frankly, rude.

She-Hulk season 1 episode 6 mid-credits scene explained: When will the mid-credit scenes come back from war?

Disney+'s She-Hulk: Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk smiling.

Sadly, another week has come and gone without a mid-credit scene to light our path into the next episode. While Jen was busy flirting her way through her friend’s wedding with Jonathan the dog as her dance partner, we are left wondering where the show was heading since we didn’t get a little tease.

She-Hulk season 1 episode 7 mid-credits scene explained: At this point, I’m going to assume they’re done forever

Man-Bull, Saracen, Emil, El Aguila, Wrecker, and Porcupine stand on the lawn of Emil's ranch.

Well, third week without a mid-credits scene. I miss her.

She-Hulk season 1 episode 8 mid-credits scene explained: Okay but ending on a cliff-hanger?

Matt Murdock and Jen Walters

Yet again, no mid-credit scene but what a way to end an episode!!!! Matt Murdock and Jen Walters should continually fly to see each other though. Rack up that credit card debt for love!

She-Hulk season 1 episode 9 mid-credits scene explained: The boys are back!

abominatio and wong fighting in shang-chi

The finale of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law brought us resolution for Jen in her quest to find out who the Intelligencia was and while the show is very clearly about Jennifer Walters, one of her biggest cases had a comeback: Emil Blonsky. When Jen goes to Blonsky’s retreat to take time for herself after her life fell apart, what she finds is Emil Blonsky doing a “speaking” engagement for what he thinks is a group of men who need life advice. But the reality is that they’re the Intelligencia and Jen ends up right in their midst.

But it also means that she sees Blonsky as the Abomination and in her own control over her own show, she asks that Blonsky takes responsibility for his actions and, in the end, we see him return to jail for breaking his parole. But did we really think he’d stay there? In the mid-credit scene, we got to see Wong coming to save Blonsky from his cell and brought him to Kamar-Taj (where they do have Wi-Fi).

Check back each week when we breakdown the latest mid-credits scene of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law!

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