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Evernote Teases “New and Magical” Hardware Devices, But Gives No Details


Evernote is a very popular cross-platform note-taking app, though personally I prefer Google Keep. It seems, though, that they’re not quite content being an app on someone else’s device. Evernote CEO Phil Libin says they plan to build “new and magical” Evernote devices. We love new devices here at Geekosystem, but I think the bigger story is that Evernote has discovered magic.

Right now it’s hard to take Libin too seriously about the nebulous Evernote devices. He’s asserting that they’re not just going to build an Evernote smartphone or tablet. He wants something entirely new. They’re not saying what that new thing is, just that it will be new and magical, and that someone else will be building it.

“We won’t actually do the manufacturing,” said Libin, “but we’ll do the co-design together.” There are no details about what these devices would be, but they’ll no doubt be centered around taking notes. Libin says anywhere from three to five years down the line, Evernote will be able to take the lead and make their own magical devices.

Some details would be nice, and would help us get more excited about the mystery Evernote device, but we like where they’re coming from at least. The whole “new and magical” field has been pretty wide open since Steve Jobs passed away, so maybe Evernote will step up and impress us with “one more thing…”

Let the wild speculation begin! What could Evernote be building that would make your note-taking life better? I vote they build a drone that will follow me around and transcribe everything I say.

(via Business Insider, image via micamica)

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