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Evan Rachel Wood’s Gorgeous Golden Globes Suit Proves Dresses “Aren’t a Requirement”


Fashion is an ingrained part of the awards show world, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay static and stuffy. The relationship between women in Hollywood and awards show fashion has been changing lately, most notably with the recent #AskHerMore campaign, which for the last few years has been encouraging red carpet reporters to ask women more than just what they’re wearing. There’s also been a rising trend of pre-show selfies, with mega-stars giving us a glimpse into all of the prep that goes into nights like these, which, it turns out, are full of really weird-looking face masks, hair extensions, and huge teams of primpers.

None of this is meant to undermine the couture or the glitz we’re used to seeing on these big nights. It only strives to make the whole process more transparent. The takeaway seems to be clear: this kind of high glamour can be fun, but isn’t natural, it often isn’t comfortable, and it’s not an ideal to strive to attain unless you have a full hair and makeup team, many thousands of dollars to blow, and excellent lighting.

Enter Evan Rachel Wood, showing up at last night’s Golden Globes wearing a gorgeous custom suit that combined high fashion with comfortable personal style in a way we don’t often get to see on nights like these.


Now, Wood isn’t the only woman to shun the gown and opt for a perfectly tailored suit. Diane Keaton has been wearing suits to awards shows and fashion shoots for decades. Amber Heard recently wore a gorgeous suit to the premiere of The Danish Girl. Janelle Monáe’s suit game is always on point. Wood wasn’t even the only woman rocking a suit last night. Octavia Spencer also looked stunning:


So no, Wood didn’t pioneer this look. But she did speak about her choice in a way we don’t normally hear, especially not from this type of young, hot Hollywood “It Girl.” Wood spoke on the red carpet about the choice and described as not quite a full-on political statement, but definitely a deliberate choice with meaning behind it.

This is my third nomination and I’ve been to the Globes six times, and I’ve worn a dress every time. And I love dresses, I’m not trying to protest dresses, but I wanted to make sure that young girls and women knew they aren’t a requirement. And that you don’t have to wear one if you don’t want to, and to just be yourself because your worth is more than that. So I said this year I’m going as an homage to Marlene Dietrich and Victor Victoria, and David Bowie because it’s his birthday.

Well said. (And well worn!) You don’t have to eschew gowns if you don’t want to. They’re gorgeous and can be fun to wear. But they’re not a necessity. They’re certainly not the only option. Whatever makes you feel like you, that’s the version of glamour that will always look best.

(via E!, images via screengrab)

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