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E-Urinal Concept Analyzes Your Pee, Judges You

To the men in our audience: Fellows, how many times have you stood in front of a urinal in the midst of reliving yourself and thought, “I sure wish this thing I am peeing into could tell me if I am healthy or not.” Well, friends, that day may be sooner than you think. Designer Royce Zhang has created this interesting urinal concept which combines a sensor suite, touch screen, and space age design into what he calls the e-Urinal. Does it get weirder? Oh, of course it does.

Zhang says that his concept toilet (emphasis on concept; this thing doesn’t exist yet) would analyze the PH, SG, URO, BLO, WBC, PRO, GLI, BIL, & KET of those who use it. I’m not entirely sure what all those stand for, but the e-Urinal could apparently tell you the pH of your urine, specific gravity of urine , blood in urine, white blood cells in urine, protein in urine, bilirubin in urine, and ketones in urine, among others. Sounds useful, I guess!

Using this “wealth” of information, the e-Urinal would give you some fun stats on your overall health based off your urine. Zhang also would like the e-Urinal to give you some health advice based off this information, and this is where things take a turn for crazy town:

[…] she can record your past measuring data and can give you some health advice.

While I can maybe get behind a toilet that tells you things, and can even get behind a toilet that has a touch screen, using a gendered pronoun to describe my “health partner” that I pee into is a bridge too far. Perhaps this needs another round on the drawing board?

Can’t read it? Embiggen it.

(Royce Zhang via Yanko Design via Bit Rebels)

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