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Looks Like Lucy Davis Will Play Etta Candy in the Wonder Woman Movie


Lucy Davis, best known for her role as Dawn in the UK version of The Office, has been spotted in several pictures from the Wonder Woman set. Based on her red hair and close proximity to Gal Gadot in the photos, everybody’s assuming that Lucy Davis will be playing the role of Etta Candy, the heroine’s best friend. There have been many different interpretations of Etta’s character over the years, but based on the red hair and the old-timey setting, it seems likely that Wonder Woman will follow the original story of the pair.

In that initial story, Etta started out as a sick and malnourished girl who soon discovered her love of candy and grew strong. The grown-up version of Etta was a plus-sized character who was unashamed of her weight and also unashamed about her love of sweets. She was also tough as nails!


The original version of the character isn’t perfect — but other interpretations of the character in later decades have been even more questionable, going so far as to make Etta much more self-conscious about her physical appearance (and even including an eating disorder plot-line). Bizarrely, the 1940s version of Etta Candy — a woman who loves candy and physical fitness — seems quite progressive even by today’s standards.

Lucy Davis, who’s presumed to be taking on the role, has been very open about her own history with eating disorders. Here’s hoping that for her sake, the character of Etta will be imbued with her historical attitude of self-acceptance and caring.

(via io9, image via Twitter)

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