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Etrian Mystery Dungeon Is Fun and Less Scary Than You Think

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I’m a noob to the Etrian Odyssey role-playing games, aka Super Hardcore Dungeon Mode, but I’ve played Mystery Dungeon before. I didn’t know what could be cuter than little Pokémon running around colorful dungeons until I saw Etrian Mystery Dungeon—miniature landsknechts, protectors, and runemasters brandishing tiny daggers and wands.

If you have no idea what that means, I didn’t either. If you’ve ever been curious about either series and want to get in on the roguelike-dungeon-crawling goodness, then look no further than Etrian Mystery Dungeon, a game where everything is beautiful and battles either push your cute button or make you want to cry.

In other words, play it!

Stephanie Carmichael writes about video games, comics, and books when she’s not helping teachers and students have fun together with Classcraft, an educational RPG. Find her on her blog or on Twitter.

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