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Worried About Nuclear War? Here’s How to Cope!

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If you’re like me, you probably keep hearing about the Russian nuclear-powered rocket that blew up and are suddenly filled with an overwhelming sense of dread. I can’t think about nuclear war. When I do, I start to panic, because really, what can I personally do if I end up in a nuclear war? I live in a big city and do not own a car; I’m done for.

So, sometimes, when the fear gets too consuming, I turn to some tried and true shows, movies, and more that all help to calm me down and accept the fact that I’m probably going to die in a nuclear blast someday. To give you guys some ideas, here are a list of some of my favorite shows and movies to turn to just to make me feel a little bit better about the fact that we’re all going to die.

First, why not watch Parks and Recreation?

Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt

Why yes, the ever-present anxiety of Ben Wyatt is exactly how many of us feel about the idea of a nuclear war, but still, Parks and Recreation never fails to make us all laugh, cry, and wish we could be best friends with Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins.

If that doesn’t work and I still keep looking up escape plans, I head over to the good ol’ world of blooper reels.

Watching as actors mess around on set, you can very clearly see how much fun they’re all having together. That laughter and joy can remind me that, for now, we can all smile and live. But then again, that relief doesn’t last long because I log onto Twitter and then see Kim Jong Un trying to test missiles.

So then, I lay down on the ground and listen to Lizzo, quietly mouthing along to her music and pretending like “Truth Hurts” can help save the world.

Sometimes, you can forget the world exists with a good Lizzo bop, and that’s all you need.

When all else fails, corgis jumping into water surely helps.

Look, the world is scary, and we live in a world where Russia had to bury 5 men because of a nuclear explosion, so fear over a war is understandable and with 90% of us struggling from anxiety, it’s only beneficial to us all to have our go-tos when it all seems just a bit too much.

Follow my list, create your own, just take care of yourselves, and maybe don’t listen to the news for a minute.

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