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Insane Indian Robot Movie Enthiran Looks Epic

Enthiran (a.k.a. Robot) has the distinction of being the most expensive Indian movie ever made, with a budget of $32.55 million. Also: it is insane. (See: above trailer. Then watch it again.)

From the official description of the soon-to-be-released Rajinikanth- and Aishwarya Rai-starring, S. Shankar-directed film:

A human who is not born but is created. He can dance, sing, fight, is water and fire resistant. He can do all that a human can and more. He feeds on electricity. He takes instructions literally. Where a human can lie to save himself this andro-humanoid robot Chitti cannot lie.

Trouble shooting – Where he has a razor sharp memory and can memorize an entire telephone directory by just running through the pages, he cannot understand human emotions. Dr. Vasi upgrades Chitti’s processor and simulates human emotions without realizing the repercussions. Chitti gets transformed. He can now feel, and the first feeling that he discovers is Love.

Will this love come in the way of Dr. Vasi’s purpose of creating Chitti?

Will Dr. Vasi’s own creation destroy him?

Bonus: It’s getting a concurrent release in the U.S. which is reportedly selling very well.

(TDW via Agent M Loves Tacos)

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