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Jon, Dany, Robb, and Ygritte Put Their Game Faces On for New Game of Thrones Promos

Winter Is Coming

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I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to our readers who don’t read/watch Game of Thrones. But when we keep getting awesome trailers and promo pics like these, how can we not post them? You just have to hang on for a few more weeks until the show starts back up, after which time we’ll (probably) stop posting so much Game of Thrones. Because it’s hard to wrangle HTML tags when you’re crying.

This batch is from the same shoot as those Entertainment Weekly promos we posted last week. So there’s a lot of Jon and Dany, plus a few of Robb and a couple of Ygritte with remarkably neat, shiny hair for a wildling.

(via: EW, EW, Collider)

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