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This Is The Pencil That Never Ends, It Just Goes On And On, My Friends

Personally, we’ve never had much of a problem with our pencils getting ground down to stubs, because we can never manage to hang on to them long enough for that to happen.  At the moment, in fact, we’re suffering from a severe pencil shortage in the household, making it quite difficult to start the crossword puzzle, much less finish it.

But maybe some of you are much more responsible pencil owners.  Maybe some of you have frequently nurtured a pencil through every stage of its life, until finally, reluctantly, laying a hopelessly uncomfortable stub to rest in the wastepaper basket.  For you, Wired is featuring not one but two endless pencil solutions.

The first, above, is a series of pencil length connectors, ensuring that when your implement gets down to the ridiculously stubby stage, you need only slot on a new piece to reach pencil length again. We assume that the next step is an interchangeable eraser attachment for the end.

The other is essentially a bunch of golf pencils with a rubber tube you can use to connect them, making a longer implement.  It lacks a certain elegance, compared to the first, but on the other hand, works with any pencil.

See the whole gallery of pencil stub solutions at Wired.

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