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Elon Musk Revealed His VERY Weird and Creepy Alt Twitter Account

This isn't fun weird; it's concerning weird.

An activist dressed as Elon Musk is trailed by a fellow activist dressed as a fossil fuel lobby dinosaur during a demonstration by the environmental action and human rights group Extinction Rebellion.

On Monday, Elon Musk, failed rocket ship expert, revealed two things to the world: 1) that 24,700 people out there are paying him $4 a month to read his subscriber-only content (netting him about $100,000 per month, a fact I will cry about later when I look at how much my student loans cost me), and 2) he has an alt Twitter account, and it’s very very weird.

How do we know this? Because Elon Musk pathologically needs attention, so he screenshotted his private Twitter dashboard and shared it with the world, of course, and then confirmed it because again, attention.

Like I said, we’re going to breeze past the fact there are nearly 25k people out there paying that man additional money to hear more from him and hone in on his alt account, because it’s just … weird, and not in a good way. It’s weird in a “Should I be looking at this lest I end up on an FBI watch list?” kind of way. See, Musk has set up the account with an avatar of his young son with Grimes, X Æ A-12. He sometimes tweets as if he is his son, and sometimes he just tweets like a creep. For example:

Sure, Elon is 51 and will turn 52 on June 28, but I guess this is innocuous enough, right?

This sure isn’t, though!

Excuse me, what!? For context, that is a picture of Caroline Ellison, who was the girlfriend of Sam Bankman-Fried. Both are currently in a lot of legal hot water for the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Let’s just breeze past the misogyny, because there is more of that to come, and simply focus on how weird it is to comment on a post sexualizing a woman, with an account pretending to be your toddler son. That’s weird, and deeply violating for a child who can’t consent to you using his likeness to do this. Come on, man. I only took one psych class in college and even I see the layers upon layers of issues here.

Then, there’s this gross, also misogynistic, othering comment:

Again, his son can’t consent to any of this. This is so weird and vile! Also, I’m starting to suspect Elon Musk might have a problem with women. Just a hunch based on how he talks about them when he thinks no one knows it’s him.

Remember how I said he was attention-seeking? Up until his alt was discovered, the account was on a never-ending desperate quest to get followers, too:

Check those posting times, too. Gotta love a man who is up at nearly 4 am, fixated on how many followers his secondary Twitter account has. Go to sleep!

This is a man who, at this point in his desperate quest to gain followers on his alt account, is CEO of three companies, has a third company of which he is co-founder that is trying to implant things into people’s brains—to which the FDA keeps saying, No, get your act together we will not let you advance to human trials yet. You are not ready—and instead of focusing on any of those tangible issues, he is instead soliciting followers on this account?!

Also, he is still a billionaire. He could just hire someone to make his account not a weird, creepy account and grow it for him and get him all of the followers he wants. Or, better yet, not do any of that, just go away and enjoy his vast sums of money, which could buy him basically anything in the world he wants. Yet, this is how he chooses to spend his time. I simply cannot fathom any of this.

Unfortunately, because when you have money things go easier for you, since the alt account was revealed to be his, it has grown in followers. As of Tuesday, April 25, in the early afternoon, its follower account stood at 36.3k followers. All I can say is, life isn’t fair, but you know what? Even with my student loans, I think it’s probably easier to be inside my head than Elon Musk’s just based on the Tweets he posted when he thought no one was looking. Yeesh.

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