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Elizabeth Olsen’s Dream Scarlet Witch Storyline? “House of M,” of Course


It’s not news that Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch is a “wild card,” although Olsen has reiterated that once more to USA Today as an explanation for why she didn’t mind that her character got left out of some of the leaked Civil War promotional art:

She’s coming into her own and starting to understand and have conflict with how she wants to use her abilities. It’s a dramatic conflict within her and obviously there’s conflict within the (Avengers) as well. I like that they didn’t release Scarlet Witch in the promo photos for the teams — it places her as being a wild card, and I like her having that kind of edge that people don’t know what she’s capable of. They can fear her because she is so incredibly powerful in a different way than the rest of the heroes for the most part. I like playing that role within the gang.

Olsen went on to explain why she loves portraying the complexity of a character like Scarlet Witch, especially in comparison to a “good guy” type like some of the other Avengers:

Good question. The reason why I love Scarlet Witch so much is that she can play both sides, and I think that’s just a fun place to be as an actor. I don’t find the hero that interesting to play. It’s very trapping for an actor. I look at what Chris has been able to do as Captain America, and he has that down pat, but so many people could have messed that one up. He’s so earnest and genuine and a do-gooder, and Chris has been able to make it a dynamic character where I can’t wait to see the new Captain America. That’s all him.

But her most desired acting challenge? A “House of M” storyline, of course:

It has to be House of M. That’s still all I want to do, I don’t care. I would just love to have make-believe children and have [Vision] play along with it and then just decide to destroy all mutants. That would be so fun but obviously that would never happen.

Never say never!

(via JoBlo, image via Comic Vine)

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