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How Can Jamie Foxx’s Electro Work in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3?

Spider-Man and Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

As someone who enjoyed the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies, I will say this: Jamie Foxx deserved better than The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I didn’t hate it as much as others, but it is super cheesy in that comic book movie feel from the late ’90s that doesn’t really make sense since it was made in 2014. And it did still fridge Gwen Stacy … again, in 2014. (Hilarious, seeing as that was the same year Marvel realized their mistake in killing off Gwen Stacy and created Spider-Gwen, but oh well.)

But the news that Maxwell Dillon (and, more specifically, Jamie Foxx AS Max) will reappear in Spider-Man movies does bring up an interesting point: How exactly is he going to show up? The last we saw of Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter and Gwen managed to beat him until Harry Osborn the Green Goblin showed up to ruin Peter’s life. But for all intents and purposes, Maxwell Dillon was killed.

So even though I want this to be a clue into the live-action Spider-Verse actually happening, I think that Maxwell Dillon is more likely going to bring Oscorp into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Prior to this, Oscorp hasn’t really had a moment, and that’s probably because of the Marvel/Sony deal that allows Spider-Man in the MCU at all (we don’t really know what characters the MCU can or cannot use), but with them revisiting that deal last year and now, with this announcement, I think that maybe we’ll get to see a bit more involvement from Oscorp.

Right now, someone else has purchased the old Avengers towers. I think that’s going to turn out to be Norman Osborn, which would make sense then as to why Maxwell Dillon (an employee of Oscorp who ended up getting his electro powers from his work there) was a part of this movie.

I don’t necessarily think that Electro is going to be Tom Holland’s “big bad” in this. I still think that’s going to be Kraven the Hunter because Peter is, technically, on the run. But coming back to New York once his name is clear? And meeting with the man who bought Avengers tower after meeting him through Midtown high or something? It’d all lead him to Oscorp and, therefore, Max Dillon.

Or maybe I’m wrong and Electro is a bigger character in it, but I think he’s still going to be paired with another one of Spidey’s villains. While both Vulture and Mysterio got their own moment, the way this movie is set up doesn’t make sense to have Electro as the main villain. But introducing Maxwell Dillon and getting to explore Jamie Foxx and the scientist before the accident some more? That would be incredibly interesting to me. It could also start to introduce Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery of villains a bit more.

So it will be fun to see how they use Jamie Foxx again, and who knows, maybe this time his movie won’t include fridging a woman for the benefit of Peter Parker!

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