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Take a Look Back at Classic Consoles With eBuyer’s New Online Game Odyssey

Get frustrated with classic side-scrollers all over again!

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With the latest generation of consoles recently appearing on store shelves, electronics retailer eBuyer wanted to look back at the past. They created Odyssey, an incredibly frustrating autorun jumper that has you collect 102 classic consoles — if you can. See how many you can grab.

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When we first started playing Odyssey we were a little turned off by it. It’s hard. You’re timing jumps and avoiding spikes, and we died a bunch of times before getting the hang of it. Then we still died. We were about ready to give up and not even bother writing about it, but then we remembered — classic games are hard and frustrating and you die a bunch.

Odyssey’s frustrations aren’t a bug. They’re a feature. Embrace them, and you’ll start having a lot of fun as you try to collect all the consoles.

We’ll give you a protip off the bat before you dive into the game: You can double jump. We didn’t realize it until the third level, and it really helps.

As you run and jump and die through the seven levels — each representing a different generation of consoles — you collect glowing ball looking things. Each glowball is a console that you collect, and when you collect a console, you can read about it in your inventory.

Magnavox Odyssey

Take a look into gaming’s past, and remember how frustrating old games were. If nothing else it’s a fun way to kill some time and learn about some vintage consoles.

(via eBuyer)

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