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Ease Your Experience of IT This Weekend By Desensitizing Yourself to Creepy-Ass Clowns

OK, so contrary to all our better instincts, we’re probably all going to go see IT when it opens on Friday. To help smooth the process, check out this neat IT art and cosplay that maybe kinda sorta makes Pennywise a little less scary? Maybe? (Probably not, but it’s worth a try.)

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Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles is currently doing an IT-themed art show in which artists give their unique takes on the film. To be honest, some of these takes might not be any less creepy than the film is:

Dude, WHAT. STOP. EEK. Artist: Danny Tran


Seriously, though, how are tiny sculpture Pennywises creepier than live-action film Pennywise? Artist: Amanda Jordan


I’m just gonna go right ahead and say NOPE. Artist: Joel Hunter of Half Hazard Press

But then there are other pieces that remind you that clowns (even murderous ones?) can be adorable and full of delight:

OK, this is cute. Artist: Cuddly Rigor Mortis

Speaking of adorable, have you seen 3-year-old Louie Tilghman’s cosplay game?

I would NOT want that coming at me in a body of water. No, sir.

With a little help from his big brother Eagan, an innocent little boy has been transformed into a clown killing machine:

And lest you forget that there’s actually just a sweet little boy under all that evil:

See? There’s no reason to fear! It’s all make-believe and it can be adorable!

Artist: Laz Marquez

MEEP! Maybe not.

(via io9 and Jezebel, image: screencap)

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