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Early Aquaman Reactions Promise You’ll Have a Whale of a Time

Can I go see it now??

Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in Aquaman

The first reactions to Aquaman have been posted, and folks, we’re looking at a win for the DCEU. The comments from critics have been positive, tending towards the raves.

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No one is saying the film is without problems, but the problems are overshadowed by how fun the film seems to be. Our reactions and analysis of the trailers, which emphasized the high fantasy element of the film, seem to have been right on the nose: this is going to be a wild, humorous, and exciting ride.

One of the comments that has most intrigued me about the film was it being described as an underwater Star Wars. I adore those silly space operas, so to hear a superhero film compared to my other favorite franchise? If I wasn’t already sold, you’d have me. An operatic epic is exactly what the doctor ordered at the end of this long, terrible year. Give me power struggles, massive kaiju, and hopefully a well-handled love story and I’ll be set. And if Patrick Wilson is half the bad guy I’m hoping he is, we’re in for a delightfully villainous treat.

I’m excited to see critics praising Jason Momoa and Amber Heard as well. Momoa stole my heart during Justice League, and I’ve been a longtime fan of Heard. I cannot wait to delve more deeply into their roles in Aquaman. Plus, there’s been praise for Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta; my affection for Young Justice is shining through and I cannot wait to see his spin on the classic villain.

Finally, I am excited that many reviews have spoken about the humor and how hard the film leans into the fantasy/adventure elements. This film couldn’t work via playing it with a straight face, and I am glad director James Wan (another fave of mine) decided to charge forward with all the ridiculous Aqua-glory. If letting smart filmmakers like Wan and Patty Jenkins bring unique takes to the characters is the direction the DCEU is going, we might be on a good track after all.

Check out a sample of the reaction tweets below, and see Aquaman in theaters on December 21.

(As a side note: Mr. Wampler, if you ever read this, well played.)

Are you as excited as we are?

(image: Warner Bros)

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