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Roll Your Character; Roll Your Perfume

+2 Cha -2 Str

According to the Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab, if I were to wear their perfume in accordance with my favorite character, I’d smell of “White sandalwood, beeswax, white tea leaf, oud, and a hint of sophisticated urban musk,” “immaculate white musk, sweet frankincense, bourbon vanilla, white leather, and shining armor, “a whirling mélange of multicolored musks with wasabi, rooibos, heliotrope, and mastic,” and “shimmering celestial musk with vanilla, white honey, acacia, and sugar cane.”

Their concepts for Dungeons & Dragons themed scents begins and ends with the character creation process. They’ve prepared perfumes for five races, six classes, and all five alignments. (No scents for Humans, Gnomes, Bards, Druids, Barbarians, or Monks, although the set is clearly inspired by 3rd edition, sorry 4th Ed players. Your edition sucks anyway.)

Buying four scents (three, if you’re True Neutral) from Black Pheonix will cost you, at $17.50 per 5ml. However, smaller samples (1ml) are purchasable for $4 each, $22 for six (just in case you’re multiclass or a Fochlucan Lyrist or something), so that might be a good way to get a taste of what they’ve done without breaking the bank.

I don’t think I’m the only one who is now really interested in what their character smells like. Or maybe it’s just because I have a head cold and can’t currently breathe through my nose.

Yes, I was a chaotic aligned paladin in 3.5. I was a Fighter with one level of Barbarian who prestiged to Holy Liberator. It’s in Complete Divine. Get off my paladin berserker back.

(via Fashionably Geek.)

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