Duke Nukem Forever Revealed at PAX

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A bizarre but telling confluence of events has lead to the conclusion that 2k Games (subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, the company that famously sued the creators of Duke Nukem, 3D Realms, for not making Duke Nukem Forever) will be showing Duke Nukem Forever in some capacity today at the Penny Arcade Expo.

The Duke Nukem sequel saga is the games industry’s most famous example of vaporware, a game that languishes in development with great anticipation until finally fading into the ether for any of various reasons.

In the case of Duke Nukem Forever, fans have been waiting for thirteen years.

But we mentioned a bizarre confluence of events?

  • Semi-reliable tweets from the show floor.
  • “a source at the convention told Joystiq that images of Duke Nukem are visible at the 2K booth”
  • “US dev sources have indicated to CVG that [Duke Nukem Forever] will get a ‘grand demo’ at the show”
  • 2k was hinting at “something big” at its booth
  • This picture of the CEO of Gearbox Software (rumored to have signed on to complete the game) wearing a Duke Nukem t-shirt, tweeted by Gearbox’s creative director.
  • THIS.

Expect any announcement in the evening on the east coast, as we are three hours ahead of our Seattle based brethren.

Update: It’ll be out in 2011.

(story via Joystiq, image via Pikimal.)

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