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Duff Beer Banned in Australia Because Homer Makes Drinking Look Cool



Australia has banned Duff Beer from being sold because it might encourage underage drinking. Still no word on whether or not their toilet water spins the opposite direction.

Australia’s Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code upheld a complaint from the Alcohol Policy Coalition from back in June that asserted the beer would encourage underage fans of The Simpsons to drink. The removal of Woolworths’ Duff Beer is another in a line of failed attempts to launch Duff Beer both in Australia and around the world, but they usually fall victim to 20th Century Fox copyright claims and not sensitivity to the show’s younger demographic.

Woolworths accepted the decision without protest and will be removing the beer from distribution according to the Sydney Morning Herald (whose website URL is, but I assure you it is a real Australian newspaper reporting on real cartoon beer). Australians will have to look outside of their country’s borders if they want to get their hands on some cartoon-inspired beer.


And that’s not the only weird beverage-related news going around. It looks like Coca-Cola is bringing back surge because the Internet said so. A Facebook group called The Surge Movement (I guess “The Surge” was too simple?) has been campaigning for Coke’s Mountain Dew competitor to make a return since Coke said it wasn’t happening a few years ago. Now, they’ve agreed to bring the soda back as an Amazon exclusive.

Job well done, Surge Movement. Now you can relax—or not, since all the surge you’re about to drink will render that impossible.

(via BoingBoing and The Daily Dot, images via The Simpsons)

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