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Lakemaid Beer Is Testing Drone Beer Delivery, We’re Suddenly 100% OK With Drones

The robots know how to lower our defenses.

When you’re ice fishing in Wisconsin and you run out of beer, it’s a pretty big pain in the ass to get more. Luckily, Wisconsin’s local Lakemaid Beer was inspired by Amazon’s planned drone delivery service (and smaller efforts to deliver textbooks and pizza), and they began their own drone beer delivery service. I’m suddenly more open to drones.

Yes, robots, the way to my heart is through my stomach, and the way to my stomach is through beer. I surrender. For now, Lakemaid’s operation still requires humans to take down coordinates and send out the drone delivery, so it’s nice to know that we still have a part to play in the future of semi-automated beer delivery (besides drinking said beer).

Amazon already delivers wine and beer to select states, so once their drone program is ready and the FAA gets out of the way (they currently have strict restrictions on commercial drone flight that will be revised by 2015), it’s entirely possible that Lakemaid’s proof-of-concept beer deliveries will be something we all get on the regular.

So far, Lakemaid has it easier than Amazon with wide open space above the frozen lakes it delivers to and the uniform nature of the ice fishing houses, but this is absolutely the future. So, come on, FAA. Let’s get those regulations relaxed a bit. Maybe someone should send them some beer by drone? If there’s any way to sell people on drone deliveries, it’s beer.

(via, image via LakemaidSpotter on YouTube)

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