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Mistletoe-Packing Drone Tries to Get Humans to Kiss in San Francisco

Why not call it the mistle-drone? Oh, because that sounds like missile-drone, which is terrifying.

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In an effort to make drones appear less threatening, two interactive artists attached some Christmas decorations and a bit of mistletoe to one, because what’s more relaxing than a flying robot goading you into kissing someone? They also clearly didn’t consider that we’d all want to call it the mistle-drone, which sounds exactly like missile-drone.

That sure sounds super non-threatening. We feel way better about drones now. Thanks.

George Zisiadis and Mustafa Khan, the men behind the festive machine, have been piloting it around San Francisco’s Union Square area getting couples to kiss. Right, because there’s nothing more romantic than a robot ordering you to engage in human courting rituals! That’s not creepy at all!

Presumably, once they’ve lulled everyone into a false sense that drones are our heartwarming Christmassy friends, they’ll give their robot overlords the signal, and the robot uprising will begin, because robots would absolutely attack at Christmas. They have in the past, after all.

Here. Take a look at all of the adorable, innocent humans falling prey to the drone’s plan of lowering their guard:

If communications from San Francisco suddenly go dark, prepare yourself for the robot apocalypse.

(via Business Insider, image via George Zisiadis on YouTube)

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