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The Cosplay at Dragon Con 2017 Was Mind-Blowing

No one does cosplay like Atlanta’s long-running Dragon Con, where it’s the main event: the con culminates in a huge parade of costumed marchers taking over the city streets. Thanks to a talented YouTuber, we all have a front row seat to the best of Dragon Con’s cosplay.

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Since I started covering cons, cosplaying has gone from a niche activity to what feels like the main event. The costumes get more impressive every year, and the crowds of cosplayers have doubled, then tripled.

I spend a lot of time at NYCC chasing after extraordinarily dressed people to take their picture for stories, marveling at the skill and ingenuity (not to mention months and months of hard work) that went into their look. But Dragon Con-goers are something else.

I’ve wanted to go to Dragon Con since I first fell in love with Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern books when I was 12, but I’ve never been able to make it down to Atlanta for the event. So I eagerly soak in the pictures, videos and articles that pour in in Dragon Con’s wake.

This video does not disappoint. Created by the photographer and YouTuber Mineralblu, the video takes us through four days of the con and thousands of fantastically plumaged cosplayers to show off the best and most creative costumes. It’s excellently shot, and the New Order doesn’t hurt.

It’s hard to pick a favorite here from so many incredible cosplays, but I think my jaw dropped first at the mirrorball stormtrooper and then continued to drop at the sight of Wall-E in motion. What made you go “Whoa?”

(via Geeks Are Sexy, images: Mineralblu/screengrabs)

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