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Exclusive: Check Out a Brand New Video From The Doubleclicks, “Super Beatrice”

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The incredible geek music comedy duo of the Doubleclicks is back with a new album, The Book Was Better. We’re thrilled to be able to premiere the exclusive debut of one of the album’s music videos: “Super Beatrice.”

“Super Beatrice” stars Geek & Sundry’s Amy Dallen as the titular superhero, who has many superpowers, ranging from flight and super strength to effective list-making and always having correct change for the laundry machine.

This sort of character is right in line with the Doubleclicks’ longstanding focus the importance of self-care and giving ourselves the praise we deserve for our own individual gifts, as small or personal as they may be. Sure, Super Beatrice can fight crime but she’s also really good at listening. Who’s to say what’s more important?

“This year, we’ve realized that radical self-care and general preparedness are extremely powerful and also, things that we’ve not been very good at. But recently we’ve started bringing earplugs to loud parties, going to bed early—and it feels like a superpower,” says the band’s Laser Malena-Webber. “That’s what Super Beatrice’s power is, she’s always ready and she takes care of herself.”

As the song says, “She can see through walls/And travel at the speed of light/But most problems are small/And she doesn’t like to fight.”

The video was written by screenwriter Rick Budd (creator of the webseries Future Girl) and directed by Jay Frosting and the Doubleclicks (siblings Laser Malena-Webber and Aubrey Turner). Super Beatrice’s look was designed by actor Gina DeVivo. The band is releasing videos from the album in a “Weekly Song Wednesday” series. The first video from that series, for the song “Panic,” debuted last week.

“We’re making videos with a bunch of rad people this year, and this was one of the best — Rick Budd came up with this concept to make a video in the style of the opening credits for a superhero TV show, and our director Jay Frosting did amazing work making Amy fly!” says Malena-Webber. (You can see a behind-the-scenes look at that flying process here.)

The Book Was Better is currently #1 on the Billboard comedy chart. It’s also #13 on the Heatseekers Chart and #27 on the Independent Albums Chart, and the band just kicked off a U.S. & European tour. Information about the tour, videos, and album can all be found at And make sure to check back here next week for an interview with the band where we discuss things like empathy, gender identity, and the awesomeness of cats.

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