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Depressingly Hilarious Video Shows Donald Trump Arguing With Himself Over Coronavirus Testing

Donald Trump holds up a chart during his Axios interview.

Yesterday’s excruciating interview between Axios’ Jonathan Swan and Donald Trump was unusual—not because Trump said anything he hasn’t already said plenty of times before, but because it’s not often that he puts himself in a position to be challenged. During press briefings, he’s in control of the microphone and is quick to dismiss and disparage reporters whose questions he doesn’t like. His idea of an interview is usually just calling into Fox & Friends and rambling for an hour or so.

But Swan challenged Trump on things like his selective misrepresentation of COVID-19 statistics, leading Trump to dig in even deeper with the nonsense. Trump always thinks he’s the smartest person in any room, and he’s always incredibly unprepared to engage in a debate or even a basic conversation with someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

A video from a YouTuber named Justin T. Brown highlights just how terrible Trump is at conversing by editing the Axios interview to make it look like he’s interviewing himself. When talking to Swan about coronavirus testing and cases, he was making so little sense, he may as well have been talking to himself. And now he is.

Amazingly, doubling the Trump, while still awful, makes him slightly more watchable.

Just like with Sarah Cooper’s brilliant comedy, this video proves that there is no better weapon against Trump than his own words.

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