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Don’t Come For the Internet’s Boyfriend: Nick Miller Edition

I would die for Nicholas Miller.


Nick Miller in New Girl

Nick Miller is on my list of fictional characters that I would give it all up for. He’s beautiful, he’s creative, and he’s a f**king hot mess. Jake Johnson brought the character of Nick Miller to life on all seven seasons of the Fox hit New Girl, and he went from the grumpy roommate who didn’t really want Jess there to everyone’s boyfriend. I don’t make the rules; that’s just what happened.

And so, when suddenly everyone woke up to a tweet questioning Nick Miller’s romantic past (and, by extension, his attractiveness), Twitter jumped at the chance to defend our collective love.

It all started with an innocent tweet.

And some points were made …

But when you come for the internet’s boyfriend, watch out.

The thing about Nick Miller is that he’s not just a schlubby white dude with nothing redeeming him. He’s a character who doesn’t think he’s worthy of anything, constantly putting himself down, but he is still there for the ones he cares about and makes sure to do what’s right by his friends.

And those qualities make a lot of us (myself included) forgive Nick’s mounting credit card debt and inability to do anything without making some kind of a mess. He’s this idea of masculinity that doesn’t pride itself on “being a man.” He’ll be silly, he’ll dance to distract, and he’ll sing “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac because he has an inability to lie.

Bolu Babalola pointed out why Nick Miller works in a beautifully poignant way:

He’s masculine, he thinks he can fix anything, but he’s also a sweet soft boy who needs our love and affection. Would I die for Nick Miller? Absolutely. Would I change anything about him? No.

Don’t worry though, we all rallied together to come out for our boy. Nicholas Miller, your loves are all waiting for you.

Nick Miller, I’m not sure you can read this since you’ve just memorized words, but please know that the internet would die for you.

(image: Fox)

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