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Don’t Click This Unless You Want to Know What People Thought of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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**No outright plot spoilers, but you might just rather not know, considering the discourse around this movie.**

That’s it! Members of the press have seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and they have Opinions—ones you might not want to know if you’d rather just see it for yourself, but for those of us who prefer to torture ourselves, it’s time to dive in. Full reviews are still forthcoming, including our own, so for now, let’s subsist on piecing together vague tidbits!

Let’s get to how the film deals with its predecessor, The Last Jedi, right off the bat, since that has been a massive point of contention and the source of a lot of discussion after recent interviews with the director and cast. Here’s what a few people had to say on the subject:

I can’t say I’m too surprised, considering that Last Jedi itself already felt like a bit of a rebuke of The Force Awakens’ nostalgia farming. With J.J. Abrams back at the helm, I’d expect this film to feel like it responds in some way, although it’s hard to say, without seeing the movie, whether that reads as a natural, thoughtful progression that serves to make the story better or just as defensiveness and backtracking.

Well, not everyone felt that the “conversation” between the two movies necessarily put them at odds!

Although, then, there’s the opposite opinion …

For those who really loved The Force Awakens, though, it’s probably good news that this feels like a sequel to that film.

Of course, what you want out of a Star Wars film seems to really be driving the difference in current opinions, with the same aspects of the movie—like fan service—being labeled either positive or negative in some cases:

There’s been plenty of outright effusive praise, though:

Of course, talk of a love scene has me thinking (and worried) about two characters in particular, whose storyline the movie apparently delivers on:

But I’m just going to tell myself that there are tons of other things those two pieces of information could mean … because there are (the story is basically about Kylo vs. Rey at this point, so it should deliver on that), and I’d really rather things go any other direction.

Overall, it seems like you’re a lot more likely to come out like this:

Hopefully doing justice to Leia will be the one thing we can agree on.

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