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Things We Saw Today: What the Hell Is Happening on Donald Trump’s Twitter?

Jim Halpert wondering what is going on

What the hell is happening? I’m not sure if you’ve looked—we all prefer not to, tbh—but Donald Trump just won’t stop tweeting. No, I mean more than usual, which is saying something. As someone who tweets a lot myself, it is truly unnerving just how much he has tweeted in the last few hours.

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Like … he literally quote tweeted someone who has the username Girl Bot.

To be honest, I wish that were the worst of them, but in a string of tweets that make no sense, Trump just keeps all-caps screaming about voting, did one that seemed like he suddenly wanted everyone to vote by mail (is he Golluming?), and even quote-tweeted James Woods. (I don’t know what that says, happily, because James Woods blocks me.)

The President of the United States posted a link from a website called “”. Let that sink in.

And, if you wondered why “Heather” was trending all day, it was because Donald Trump thanked a woman named Heather on Twitter for saying that she’d risk death to vote for him. Completely normal things, right?

To put this entire situation into perspective, in the last 7 times, he tweeted/RTed around 50 times. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES TWEETED NEARLY 50 TIMES DURING THE LAST 7 HOURS. Now, compare that to me, someone whose job it is to work online and tweet: I have tweeted 29 times in total between my work account and my personal account. Again, my job is TO BE ONLINE. (Since this writing, I did have to tweet 2 more times from my work account, and I tweeted a meme from my personal account, but still, Donald Trump has me beat by a lot.)

Should someone check on him? Probably, but he’s also contagious and probably lying to us all about how he’s actually doing with the coronavirus, so like … whatever, let him just keep tweeting nonsense because what does it even matter at this point? He’s clearly deranged.

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Here are some other things we saw out there today.

Anything we missed, Mary Suevians? Let us know what you saw in the comments below!

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